The other side of the River

Film screening and discussion with director Antonia Killian

The Antifascist Network Lichtenberg cordially invites you to a joint film evening at Hubertusbad. With mulled wine, cold drinks and snacks we want to be inspired and impressed by the story of (during the shooting) 19-year-old Hala. The protagonist flees from IS as well as her family to escape a forced marriage and joins the Kurdish defense units. During her training, she is inspired by the promise to liberate all women and militantly defend feminism.

Following the film, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to filmmaker and director Antonia Killian.

The event will take place on 01.12. from 8 pm at Hubertusbad in Lichtenberg (Hubertusstraße 47-49, U Madgalenenstraße).
Please come tested.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Lichtenberg Neighborhood Meeting

Against rising prices and rents.
For better living conditions for all!
Everything is getting more expensive. Not only the ever-increasing rents, but now also the exploding ancillary costs make living almost unaffordable. Food is also becoming more and more expensive and healthy food could soon become a rare luxury for many people.
We therefore invite all people from Lichtenberg to a neighborhood meeting. There we want to get to know each other, exchange ideas about the problems we are currently facing in our everyday lives and strengthen ourselves together.

There will be coffee, tea and cake. Child care will be provided. The room is barrier-free.

Sunday 6.11. from 3 p.m. at Hubertusbad
Hubertusstr. 47-49, 10365 Berlin, near U-Bhf Magdalenenstraße

*Neo-Nazis and conspiracy ideologues, as well as their contents are unwanted and will be excluded from the event! We oppose the right-wing appropriation of social struggles.

Female Resistance Lichtenberg #2

The anti-fascist resistance in Lichtenberg would have been impossible without the commitment of numerous women. They courageously stood up to fascism. Often they are pushed into the background during the commemoration. We want to remember them and their deeds on 19.06 from 16 o’clock.

We invite you to the neighborhood walk through Alt-Lichtenberg, which will start at the Berliner Konsumgenossenschaft in Joseph-Orlopp-Str. 36.

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In memory of Eugeniu Botnari and Kurt Schneider – Anti-fascist commemoration in Lichtenberg

An antifascist neighborhood needs an antifascist culture of remembrance. That is what we are demonstrating for. We want to remember the victims of right-wing violence in Lichtenberg. Eugeniu Botnari and Kurt Schneider are two people we remember as representatives of unknown victims of right-wing violence. Unfortunately, their names are also unknown to many people in the neighborhood. We have to change that. We are committed to making their fates visible in the district. We demand places of remembrance that show the deadly consequences of right-wing ideas every day. Let’s fight together for these places and a neighborhood in solidarity.

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Female Resistance Lichtenberg

Mobibild für den Kiezspaziergang

The anti-fascist resistance in Lichtenberg would have been impossible without the commitment of numerous women. They courageously stood up to fascism. Often they are pushed into the background during the commemoration. We want to remember them and their deeds on 07.08 from 15 clock.

Together with comrades of the VVN-BdA Lichtenberg, we, the Antifascist Network Lichtenberg (AVL), invite you to the neighborhood walk through the Lichtenberger Kaskelkiez, which starts at the place of the Red Chapel (Schulze-Boysen-Straße 12).

Disclaimer: The binary gender representation is a consequence of historiography. Also queer antifascists must not be forgotten, we are just not aware of any representatives in the context of our district.

Rally after desecration of the memorial stone of the Jewish community Hohenschönhausen

On the morning of May 17, 2021, it became known that the memorial stone in memory of the synagogue at Konrad-Wolf-Strasse 91 had been extensively damaged with green paint.
In recent days, there has been damage to buildings of Jewish life and memorial stones nationwide in response to the current conflicts in the Middle East. Therefore, an anti-Semitic act is likely in this context.
Since April 19, 2000, a memorial stone in Konrad-Wolf-Strasse has commemorated the synagogue of the “Hohenschönhausen Jewish Community”, which was an expression of Jewish life there from 1935 to 1938. The Hohenschönhausen Jewish community initially held its services in apartments until December 1934, when the first floor of a courtyard building at what was then Berliner Straße 91 could be used as a prayer and community room. The prayer room was inaugurated on December 22, 1934. After the November pogroms of 1938, the congregation had to cease its activities.
We want to set a clear sign against anti-Semitism. With a rally we want to condemn this desecration of the memorial stone.

Against all anti-Semitism!

Rally – Tuesday, 18th May 5 p.m. – Memorial Stone at Konrad-Wolf-Strasse 91, 13055 Berlin

Please note the hygiene requirements regarding Corona. Solidarity through the crisis.

Commemoration weeks in Lichtenberg, Kurt Schneider – murdered by neonazis

Commemoration for Kurt Schneider – No victim of right-wing violence is forgotten!
06.10.2020 from 5 pm in front of the city hall Lichtenberg

On the evening before (05.10.2020) at 7 pm
Information event: “The murder of Kurt Schneider”
in the Remise of Magdalenenstraße 19

Termine Kurt Schneider

On October 6, we commemorate Kurt Schneider, who was murdered on this night 21 years ago by a group of neonazis for social-chauvinist motives. We want to draw attention to the fact that right-wing attacks are often not recognized as such. In Berlin there have been at least 20 victims of racist and fascist violence since the beginning of the 1990s.

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Commemoration weeks in Lichtenberg, Eugeniu Botnari – fatality of right wing violence

Commemoration for Eugeniu Botnari – No victim of right-wing violence is forgotten!
17.09.2020 from 5 pm in front of the train station Lichtenberg at Weitlingstraße

afterwards from 7:30 pm
Information event: “Social chauvism and fascism” (by Anne Allex)
in the shed of Magdalenenstraße 19

Termine Eugeniu Botnari

17.9.2020 marks the fourth anniversary of the deadly attack on Eugeniu Botnari. With a rally in front of the Lichtenberg train station, starting at 5 pm, we want to commemorate Botnari as a victim of right-wing violence. His death is not a sad isolated incident. It is an expression of the racist structures of devaluation that permeate the entire society. For this reason we demand that the station forecourt be named after Eugeniu Botnari. By giving back a place in public space to a victim of racist violence, the deadly consequences of right-wing ideology can be made visible.

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