Lichtenberg Neighborhood Meeting

Against rising prices and rents.
For better living conditions for all!
Everything is getting more expensive. Not only the ever-increasing rents, but now also the exploding ancillary costs make living almost unaffordable. Food is also becoming more and more expensive and healthy food could soon become a rare luxury for many people.
We therefore invite all people from Lichtenberg to a neighborhood meeting. There we want to get to know each other, exchange ideas about the problems we are currently facing in our everyday lives and strengthen ourselves together.

There will be coffee, tea and cake. Child care will be provided. The room is barrier-free.

Sunday 6.11. from 3 p.m. at Hubertusbad
Hubertusstr. 47-49, 10365 Berlin, near U-Bhf Magdalenenstra├če

*Neo-Nazis and conspiracy ideologues, as well as their contents are unwanted and will be excluded from the event! We oppose the right-wing appropriation of social struggles.